| épochè |

Artwork by Baptiste Brossard

Artwork by Baptiste Brossard

Life isn't boring. You're boring.


And it's not even your fault, really. It's just that the unknown becomes known, and then the known becomes familiar, et voila, now everything is familiar, and you treat it like it's familiar, and now you're boring.

|épochè| is a theatre show.
|épochè| doesn't look or sound like anything you've seen before.
|épochè| is not boring.

What |épochè| will do for you is take the familiar and make it unknown.
We use video, we use live performance, we use earphones, we use blankets, all this and more, just so you can rediscover anew the skin you live in.

Life isn't boring. Don't be boring.

|épochè| premiered in January 2019 in Paris, France.


Lorenz Jack Chaillat
Julien Deransy

Julien Chaudet
Eurydice Gougeon-Marine
Grégoire Francoise
Mélina Ferné

VOICE of EVE // Eve Gerbaudi & Mélina Ferné
EVE with a basketball // Mélina Ferné


8.00pm 10 Jan 2019
8.00pm 11 Jan 2019
6.00pm 12 Jan 2019
6.00pm 13 Jan 2019


La Petite Galerie
Cité internationale des arts
18 Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville
75004, Paris.


Director & Producer // Anna McGrath
Writer // Matteo R. Romano
Filmmaker // Baptiste Brossard
Sound Designer / Composer // Baptiste Brossard
Communications // Cyril Cadars

|épochè| is produced by REVEILLE

co-created by
Anna McGrath, Matteo R. Bernardini,
and Baptiste Brossard
in collaboration with SUZANNE
and supported by the
Cité internationale des arts

Remerciements à
Corinne Loisel,
Emilie Costa, Christophe Percque,
Beth Weinstein, Marlène Viguier,
Rébecca Dutkiewicz, Kai Simon Stoeger,
Jean, Céline Lastennet,
Anna Paul & Badr Ali.

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